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There are only three reasons due to which people may lose their teeth: they are problems with teeth, gums and bite

At Dental Care Offices all these problems are under control!

A professional hygiene procedure is the most secure way to whiten teeth due to their cleansing.

If you are interested in professional whitening, experts at Dental Care Offices will recommend the best methods for you after evaluating the condition of your teeth because professional whitening as well as the installation of special ornaments on the teeth (removable and non-removable) should be done not only on clean but also healthy teeth.

Specialists at Dental Care Offices will pick toothpastes for you and advise on toothbrushes, jerks or rinses considering your tendency to tooth decay or periodontitis.

In recent years, the number of people who without knowing heavily rub or squeeze their teeth when asleep thus destroying their tooth-jaw system has greatly increased.

Back in 2008, after the crisis, British doctors called this problem a "businessman illness", explaining this by the fact that when a businessman is asleep, only half of his head is resting, and the other half is thinking about money, loans, etc. Many young people also scratch their teeth due to emotions such as excitement because of an exam or love worries.

Specialists at Dental Care Offices know how to notice the first signs of a "businessman illness" and which specialist to refer to for further examination or treatment.


From the possible 30 candidates only 9 were chosen to work in our offices.

Feel free to meet them!

Premium service available for everybody

First visit

  • Step 1

    Screening The word "screening" means checking. As we work according to university standards, every client (patient) during a professional hygiene visit once in every six months is provided with in-depth gingival screening in order for both, us and our client, to be able to compare the results in dynamics. Such screening lasts about 10 minutes and is included in the cost of our service.
    10 min
  • Step 2

    Panoramic shot A panoramic shot is a kind of a "road map" where a dentist sees what is "behind there" - where there are seals, crowns, implants or just caries (a hole in the tooth), which the person himself or herself does not even guess about. It is the doctor's assessment of the clinical situation with the help of the X-ray machine that allows us to confidently and painlessly conduct the very procedure of professional hygiene. X-ray diagnostics is performed before the first visit.
    15 min
  • Step 3

    Professional hygiene procedure 100% attention to the service! For our clients we use only the best world leading brands - KaVo, Hu-Fridy, Melag, EMC, Sirona, Mie, Seratoga. Professional hygiene procedure is a service for healthy people and it should be conducted every six months. For the first time the procedure lasts about 1.5 hours and will cost more than during the regular visits that last up to 1 hour and cost cheaper.
    90 min
  • Step 4

    Comment You will be aware of everything that the doctor sees in your panoramic radiogram and oral cavity. If needed, the doctor will direct you to your dentist emphasizing only the urgent interventions that will relieve you of a possible pain or expensive treatment in the future. We will inform you about "preventing" your "wisdom teeth", and whether you have any signs of a "business illness".
    15 min
  • Step 5

    How to brush your teeth correctly Almost every adult in Ukraine has caries or seals, and more than half of them lose their teeth due to gum inflammation! Based on our experience we see that most adults clean their teeth as 12-year-olds - they focus only on teeth, although adults need to brush their teeth and gums thoroughly. We will estimate the way you clean your teeth and point out the mistakes.
    10 min
  • We will give you a toothbrush and pads for cleaning the interdental space and teach you how to use them! We will advise you how to choose toothpaste. We will tell you how to take care of the teeth of your loved ones - why, for example, the pregnant woman should come to a dentist every three months, and smokers or people who use braces must come every month. And all this is included in the cost of our service.

    Toothpicks for a gift


The price for one complex visit

The payment is proceeded in gryvnas

For your child everything starts from the consultation.
Price and time of professional hygiene procedure will depend on his or her age.


Price formula

  • First
    complex visit
    ~$ 100 ~$100 - is the cost of the first complex visit described above. The duration of the first visit is not less than one and a half hours.

    90 min

  • Repeated
    regular visit
    ~$ 70 ~$70 - is not a discount! This is the cost of regular visits, for example, every six months (recommended for healthy people without gum inflammation), however, due to insignificant volume of a dental stone the duration of the visit may decrease and last about one hour.

    60 min

  • Repeated
    non-regular visit
    ~$ 100 ~$100 - is not a penalty for a missed visit! This is the cost of a repeated but an irregular visit which due to the remarkable volume of a dental stone will last as much as the first visit, about 1.5 hours.

    90 min

Price for healthy teeth

$140 per year

If you visit
us every six months

“About cleaning teeth or a hygiene procedure, as they call it at the Zablotsky's clinic.
I regularly go for this procedure at least once every half a year. Now I have something to compare.
That's how they do it at the clinic of Yaroslav Zablotsky and other clinics in Kiev.
His clinic is primarily a service, very attentive and enveloping. Beautiful Ukrainian-speaking administrators are sincere in their attention to the client; it seems that they know everyone by name.
The owner himself communicates with almost everyone, advises, and this is very captivating. After all, he is a PhD doctor, a grand professional of his business.
Service is the basis of the success of the clinic.
I declare this to you responsibly, as a person who has been working in the service industry for many years.
Well, the procedure itself.
As I understand, since a very high-quality equipment is used, which is very technological - it's really painless and accompanied by pretty girls - dentists, so the time passes by very quickly and positively.
My recommendations are surely to try a teeth hygiene procedure at the Zablotsky's Clinic, well, and then you make your decision – stick to this clinic in the future or not.
I made my choice”.

"Dental Care Office is unlikely to resemble the usual Ukrainian dentistry, first and foremost, it's a cool service, and it’s all about processes that are configured. Everything from the first admin phone call to the procedure was done very carefully, positively and professionally. It has a good business model, approaches to collecting information about the patient, so the technique employed here indicates the highest requirements that the Dental Care Office has set itself to provide high-quality services."

“If you go for dental procedures, you cannot expect pleasant impressions. At the Zablotskyi Dental Center everything is vice versa: friendly atmosphere, cleanliness, modern design and high professionalism make me think that it is not the dentist's office, but the room for relaxation and taking off the stress. Behind this there is a strong life philosophy – do it better for others than you would do it for yourself. This place makes you want to come back, because there you understand that going through a treatment can be pleasant. Mark Zarkhin, Lviv restaurateur”.

“It is hard for me to estimate professionally the procedure itself. But I can tell one thing for sure, that I indeed regret for not knowing about teeth hygiene as much as I got to know from Yaroslav Zablotskyi himself, his co-workers especially. I absolutely sincerely believe that information about teeth hygiene should be passed forward to everybody by all the possible means.  And about the clinic of Zablotsky: it is undoubtedly cool and safe! I advise everybody to visit it...”

“The professional hygiene service provided by the Zablotsky Clinic is 100% modern and 100% professional. I sincerely advise it. Because it is worth taking care of the health on a regular basis, and not when it is necessary (or as dentists say – urgent)!”





With the help of our mobile application
(from the end of 2018) you will be able to:

  • choose the tooth care products with a dentist;
  • order toothpaste and toothbrush delivery;
  • mark your next visit in the calendar.
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I want Ukrainians to be healthy.

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